Monday, December 6, 2010


Today, marks 18 weeks and the halfway point to the day I will get my cerclage removed. Lilah (our 2nd daughter) was born 6 days post removal, and Clara (our 3rd) was born just two days after removal.

It seems like the first 18 weeks has gone by fairly slow, but I know, the next 18 weeks is going to fly by. I hope the next half of my pregnancy will go as smoothly as the first half. 

Now that we know we are having a boy, we have lots to do to prepare for him....there is no way I will be able to wrap our beautiful baby boy in a pink or purple blanket! He's going to have a hard enough time maintaining his "male identity" in this female dominant household - though, I question that statement after what I witnessed during our ultrasound on Friday.

I have a regular OB appointment on Wednesday, and I am going to talk to them about all of these supposed "due dates" floating around. I have changed my ticker one week behind my original dates since that is where baby has been measuring since about 8-9 weeks. 

So, here's to another successful and healthy 18 weeks with our little man! 

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