Saturday, December 18, 2010

Making memories

Me & Lilah baking the cake together
Ever since Mairead's first birthday, I have started the tradition of baking a homemade birthday cake - it doesn't have to be from scratch, it could be from a box or homemade, but the gist is to do something together - the birthday girl and me. We bake the cake together and then decorate it. I talked more about our little tradition and how it started in this post from Mairead's birthday.

On Wednesday, while Mairead was in school, me, Lilah and Clara went shopping for Lilah's party. She picked out her cake, her cake colors and what she wanted for a cake - a purple heart cake. Much easier than Mairead's castle cake! She picked out her decorations and got really, really excited for "her own birfday party".

Last night, we baked our cake, a marble cake. We ate the batter and got silly. It went over much better than our Gingerbread House Fiasco yesterday! I love when precious moments like these actually go as planned. Lilah was just so excited, and I loved every second of it. This was her first birthday that she actually "got it" - she talked about it every day and just couldn't get enough. Her little words just rambled out of her mouth incessantly about her "very own birfday party". When she saw her heart cake come out of the oven, she was in love. She was even more excited. It was hard to tell her that we would have to wait to decorate it until the morning, but she understood! 
Mmmmmmmmm! This frosting is SO GOOD!

This morning, we got ready for the party while daddy was at the store picking up a few things. When he got home, we were able to make the frosting and decorate her beautiful heart cake. She ate the pudding frosting while I frosted the cake. She watched intently wondering when it would be her turn to decorate the cake. She was in awe over the color purple! She was so sweet and let Mairead help decorate, too. Of course, we all had our fair share of the pudding frosting.......Mmmmmmmmmmm.....vanilla pudding mixed with heavy cream - nice and healthy! 
"That's my own birfday cake!?!"

After I wrote "Happy Birthday, Lilah" it was their turn to decorate. They placed the pretty pink flowers Lilah picked out, and placed crown candies all over, then, finally, poured sprinkles all over the top. Lilah was so proud of her cake and Mairead was excited for her birthday to come - in May! I love celebrating birthdays....they certainly are bittersweet. I'll write a post tomorrow for Lilah's official birthday. 

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