Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree

Last year, we thought it would be fun to cut down our own Christmas tree. The girls had a lot of fun doing it, too!After some grumbling from Kevin (he wanted a pre-cut tree - BORING!), we decided to do it again this year! It was actually pretty warm outside even though we had gotten a dusting of snow over night.

So, we dressed up the kiddos and headed out to a local tree farm. While Kevin paid, the girls enjoyed playing in a sleigh they had on display. Mairead remembers last year, and Lilah does not, so this was a great experience for Lilah. Clara was just a wee little one, about 10 weeks old all cuddled up in my pouch, so this was very different for her! She was a maniac! 

Kevin thought he found the perfect tree. Little and easy to cut down. The girls didn't agree with daddy!
Clara thought it would be fun to run away. As you can see above, she didn't get very far. Non-traction shoes and wet grounds didn't mix very well. She thought it was fun! 

The girls were so excited watching daddy cut down their new Christmas tree! They couldn't wait to bring it home and decorate! 
Clara, of course, had to check it out. She was very interested in the trees! She's so cute :)
Daddy and Mairead show off their new tree! Daddy was tired after hauling it up the hill....where was that damn tractor anyways!?!
Hurry up, Daddy! It's cold out here. Mairead forgot her jacket.....thankfully it wasn't too cold and daddy was quick with the hand saw!
The next day, we set the tree up and decorated! I put the lights on while daddy helped me and got dinner cooking! Thankfully, Clara wasn't too interested in knocking the tree down. I thought for sure that would have been first on her list of "to-do's"
Mairead was so excited to place the ornament on the tree. She had been anxiously awaiting the day when she could place her favorite ornament, the Polar Express, on the tree. 
Last year, Lilah was barely two, and wasn't interested in decorating the tree, so she napped instead. This year was an entirely different story. She couldn't wait to help and decorate. She did an awesome job, and her big sister, Mairead, did a great job teaching her! 
The girls worked hard putting all the ornaments in the right place - even the heavy ones up top so Clara couldn't reach them! 
Lilah shows her new skills of tree decorating! 
There is me and Lilah decorating the tree together! 
And last, but not least, there is daddy and Mairead putting some of the last ornaments on the tree. I am so glad we all were able to decorate the tree together. We all had a blast together, listening to some Harry Connick JR, Christmas. Even Clara was into it, and she wasn't such a terror like I thought she'd be. At the end, she did want to take some of the ornaments off of the tree, but she only did it so she could try and put them back on the tree, just like her big sisters. 

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  1. Doesn't it get better and better every year with them?!?!?! We had a blast this year-all three decorated. It looks like you all had a wonderful time too!!!!!! Someday we want to do a Christmas vacation where we would have to cut down a real tree and decorate it. I think the kids would just love that!


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