Friday, December 3, 2010

A house full of fairies.....

and a prince. 
Do you see that third leg??? 

Yes, you read that right. Our house will soon no longer be filled with just "fairies". We are having a boy. A beautifully, healthy baby boy. We are still in shock. Even though we've known this baby has been a boy for about two weeks, today was just confirmation that our world is about to change. Big time. The entire pink & purple dynamics of our house will soon turn into pink, purple & blue. I am happy. I am happy that it is a boy. I would have been happy if it was a girl. I am even more happy that our baby boy is as healthy as can be - sex did not matter to me. His heart looks perfect. His brain is normal. His spine is beautiful. He has kidneys. A handsome little face. And perfect hands & feet. And a penis that his perfect little hands like to play with. Wow. He IS a boy. 
Profile with his right arm up by his face. 

Our little boy was nothing but shy. This was the third ultrasound in a row that he has had absolutely no trouble with showing off his junk. Today, it was obvious. We have a video of him stroking his penis. It is like nothing you have ever seen before. I'll try and see if I can upload it on here because it is something you have to witness. We (me, Kevin an the ultrasound tech) were in stitches laughing at this kid. I had tears in my eyes. It is that funny! 

As far as my cervix goes, all was well with that, too. What a huge relief. My cervix stayed the same as last, about 2.2cm. I am not complaining, but I don't feel comfortable quite yet...still have several weeks to go until we are out of that danger period. Like I said in my previous post, it's tough trying to distinguish between "normal" pregnancy feelings and "not-so-normal" ones. I like to think I know my body, and the fact that I've had three successful pregnancies makes me optimistic, but I'm still worried. So, for now, I will take comfort in knowing that all is well with me and our baby. 

Now that we know this little baby is a boy we can really start to bond and get to know him. It really feels weird using "him" and "he"....just strange. The girls are excited. Mairead has said it was a boy from the get go. She was right. They are infatuated with knowing he has a penis. I have officially been wrong 100% of the time. Go me! I am not disappointed he is a boy, but it does make me a bit sad knowing that our beautiful baby girl clothes will never be worn by any of our children again. It's just strange...but I know this little boy will bring so much joy and happiness to our family. I think he will surely complete us. 

*Oh! I am going to have to think of another title for our blog! I like the "fairies" because our last name is Ferrie.......but now I'll have to incorporate that into our new, mixed gender family :)

Here is the video........I have to tell you that this is 100% REAL and So NOT fabricated....except for me adding text so you know what you're looking at (like you will need help!)


  1. Hey Steph!
    Hahahahaha. You already Know how overjoyed I am for you all ;) Just wanted to say it again. I am sooo incredibly happy!!!! Children are an amazing gift from God, no matter what gender. And you my friend, are so blessed. ;) And I'm glad there is no bed rest for you thus far. 3 kids and holidays approaching. That would be insane.
    I'll be keeping my eye out for updates ;)
    Love you,
    I think a house full of fairies and a little prince is a perfect name ;)

  2. Steph! That is an awesome video! Hahaha!

    I am so glad to hear that he is healthy and everything with you is going well...He has such a cute profile. This baby boy will bring so much joy and adventure to your family. Hope to talk to you guys soon...Congrats again!
    Amanda M

  3. Congratulations on all your good news. Fingers crossed all continues to go well.

  4. Oh my word that is too funny! :) I'm the oldest of three and my brother is the baby of the family. Growing up with older sisters is definitely a fun experience, at least for the girls haha. We taught him to play dress up and he taught us how to fight with play swords. My sister and I can crawl down each others throats sometimes (as sisters love to do) but fight with my little brother? nah, he will always be the baby! :)

  5. I always love hearing stories about the "baby" boys growing up with lots of sisters! Thanks for the glimpse into the future :)


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