Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Short & Sweet - 19wk Ultrasound

19w1d Ultrasound (face shot with arm by head)
Short and sweet....not referring to cervical length, thankfully!

Not much to report today...had my usual every two week cervical length check and ultrasound. We were the last ultrasound of the day and you could tell the ultrasound tech wanted to get out of town, so the ultrasound did not last very long! I honestly think she rushed it just a tad too much, but whatever...

My cervix measured 2.0-2.2cm, a little shorter than two weeks ago, but still acceptable and within the norms for me at this point of pregnancy. The baby looked good, she didn't do measurements or anything, but did do a quick fluid and heart rate check, and all was normal! 

The baby was moving all around - I am really starting to feel his  movements a lot. Kevin is starting to feel him, too! 

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