Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just say NO to funneling!

No! Not beer funneling...!

Cervical funneling

If you look at the two "+" on the ultrasound, you will see the example of funneling. Note this is NOT my ultrasound. 
Today, I had a cervical check at MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) to check my cervical length. I am 21w3days and my cervical length was 2.2cm, so, the same. The only changes were some funneling at the top of my cervix (the top almost looks like a "V") and you could definitely see that my cervix was opening, definitely not closed up tight like it had been previously. The high risk doc didn't come in, so that means it isn't too concerning, but when I see funneling with an opening cervix, I can't help but be a little nervous. The baby was breech, and I think that's probably the best position for him right now, keeps his head and majority of weight off of my cervix (he had been vertex or head down for a while). His face was buried into my placenta, and wouldn't show himself, so, no ultrasound photos today.....bummer! The girls were bummed! They love leaving with their own photo of their little brother, but, not today... 

To read more on cervical funneling, read more on the Funneling of the internal cervical OS or more about Using Ultrasound to Predict Spontaneous Preterm Birth

I can't help but think of the "what if" - what if I didn't have a cerclage? Would I make it to 37 weeks like I did with Mairead, our first born? or, would we have had Lilah and Clara much more prematurely? For me, the statistics for preterm labor with early cervical changes are convincing enough. I know for me being dilated 1cm with Clara by 30 weeks is evidence enough for me that a cerclage is probably the the better option. Each person is different and the sucky thing is, no one knows...weighing the risks vs. benefits is the only way to come up with a decision you can live with.

While I am confident we will be able to carry this baby as long as his sisters, the what ifs still affect me day to day, especially when I have one of those days where my cervix is just throbbing...


  1. That's concerning, Steph. I'm really surprised you weren't put on full bed rest. Best wishes, and please take care.

  2. I don't think it is as "bad" as it sounds since my cervix is the same length it was the last time, even WITH the, I think if it had gotten shorter and started to funnel, then, I would probably get "my wrist slapped" cervix has gotten as short as 1.5cm with previous pregnancies, so they give me a little bit more of a leash than some people.

    I also think because he had been vertex for quite a long time, his head probably did some of the "damage", so if he stays breech for a bit, that may be a good thing? I don't know! :)

  3. Oh, and I was 1cm with my cerclage starting at about 27-30 weeks with Clara and stayed that way until my cerclage was, I'm not super concerned just yet.

  4. You definitely know more about these things than I do! But I will still send good thoughts your way :-)


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