Monday, December 13, 2010

Sesame Street Live! Imagine 1-2-3

On Sunday, we took the girls to see our third Sesame Street Live show. The last two shows have been awesome and we had been lucky enough to sit in the front row. The girls have walked away from the show in awe at what they had just seen as the characters get down on the floor to dance, hug and interact with the children. It's like a dream for them! And to this day, they still talk about it!

This year when we went to buy tickets, we learned that we wouldn't be able to sit in the front row unless we paid DOUBLE the money, which included the seats and a "meet and greet" with the characters. There was no way we could afford to spend that kind of money and take all of the kids, so we thought the 2nd row would be just as good! The girls were so excited to go, and to be honest, we were pretty excited to take them knowing how much fun they had the previous years.

I have to say this years show was a disappointment, I don't even think the girls were that psyched about it either. In the past, the girls talked about the show for days, but as of today, the girls haven't really mentioned it...The characters didn't get down on the floor and interact with the kids nearly half as much as they did previously. Honestly, I think they did this on purpose since the people in the front row paid more for this "interaction" before/after the show. Don't get me wrong, the girls had a blast, got to shake hands with Ernie and get up close with Zoe, but they didn't get to hug or dance with any of the characters like they have previously. Call my kids spoiled, but I think they were a little sad because they didn't understand why the characters didn't go up to them!

Overall, the girls had a fun time! Clara watched the first 30+ minutes in awe and didn't move off of my lap. Lilah and Mairead were in dancing heaven and just enjoyed themselves....not to mention, enjoyed the cotton candy, too! We are so fortunate to be able to take our girls to things like this!

I will say that after this years disappointment, I probably wouldn't bring them to another show again - plus, I think they're ready to move on to bigger and better things :) and so is mommy & daddy!
Lilah couldn't believe her eyes! Mairead was in awe...
Clara had just woken up from a little tired little baby girl

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