Friday, December 31, 2010


Just a few days after Christmas we finally got some real snow....none of this dusting here and a dusting there crap, actual, measurable snow! The storm was pretty anticlimactic. They were calling for high winds, lots of snow 12+ inches and all sorts of craziness. We were expecting to be blanketed in all sorts of snow and to potentially lose power, so when we all woke up to power and only about 8'' on Monday morning, we were a bit disappointed!
Lilah was all excited to head outside! 

Mairead making a snow angel

Of course, Kevin and I were the only ones disappointed - the girls were so psyched to see lots of snow on the ground! Finally, snow they could really play in! They had been waiting for snow for a long time, and it finally came! 

The day of the "blizzard" was super cold and windy, so the girls didn't last a super long time outside, but as the week went on, it got warmer and warmer, and the girls just loved being outside in it! 
Me and Clara - she wasn't thrilled.

Mairead & Lilah eating snow

Trying on her new ski helmet and having a snow snack :)

Mairead was so excited to play in the snow on a warm winter day!
The snow finally melted a little bit, meaning it wasn't soft and fluffy, and we could build a snowman, something the girls had wanted to do all week! So, we built a BIG snow man and the girls loved every second of it! 
Our snow man! 

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