Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gingerbread House FIASCO.

Starting the project off happy, happy! 
Do you ever have some days where you ask yourself "why?"......or do you ever have these grandiose ideas about how wonderful and fun and exciting a project will be with your kids?

Today, I had those grandiose ideas, and then I found myself asking "why"....

I should have known that today shouldn't have been the day to attempt that grandiose idea with my three, beautiful princesses. The morning started off rocky. There was little listening and a lot of arguing. I kept threatening to pull the plug on the big gingerbread house project, but, they redeemed themselves, and I thought it was worth the try. After all, it is the holiday season and I wanted to have a fun day building gingerbread houses and baking Lilah's birthday cake (more on that, later!)... So. We tried. And I failed. 
See my beautiful creation in the background?

Little did I know I set myself up for failure before we even started the project. I usually buy the already built and ready to decorate gingerbread house, so it's quick satisfaction for the girls [and me]...but noooooo, I must not have been paying attention and bought the you can build, hold together for hours until it dries gingerbread house. Yeah. It didn't quite work. And with three little kids who want it and want it now, that is...impossible. 
See the proof? We actually did try

The girls were excited and I was afraid of the outcome. We all started of happy and having fun together. We made the icing, I read the direction, and then found myself holding the gingerbread house together, afraid to let go. I used cans to help hold it together. The girls started to fool around, eat the "do not recommend eating icing" after I told them a gazillion times not to eat the icing (Yeah, I know it's too tempting) and then they just started being fresh. Before I knew it, Lilah was in time out, and then she got out, and Mairead was in time out, and by then, the gingerbread house was.....well, not standing anymore. At that point, the girls were just not behaving. I looked at the counter and it was a huge mess, icing everywhere with a house that was no longer standing. The kids were screaming. I wanted to scream. And suddenly, this awesome, grandiose idea of building a holiday gingerbread house with my three little princesses.....well, was just a memory. 
Our end product. In pieces.

Note to time read the box and make sure it reads house pre-assembled or that the house comes with gorilla glue that you don't have to wait a million years to wait dry! 

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