Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Party

Our family
On Friday night, Kevin and I went to the annual Coast Guard Christmas party held at a local hotel here. My parents were a huge help and watched the girls so Kevin and I could enjoy the party! This was the first time we had ever left Clara before bed time, and the first time anyone besides me or Kevin had put her to bed...She's so easy now, I didn't anticipate a problem, and thankfully, she was an angel, and went to bed just perfectly! The big girls had a blast, too! They ordered pizza, played and watched a Christmas movie together. Kevin and I had a nice time, too! It was nice getting out to socialize without the kiddos, even if it was a work sponsored event!

I also thought it was time to post a few preggo photos of me...I had seen this black dress at The Gap and wanted to buy it, but refused to spend $68 on it....but low and behold, I was at the mall on Thursday, went into Gap Maternity, and it was on sale for $36, not to mention, I got an additional 30% off! 

Me (18w4d pregnant) & Kevin

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  1. Love the dress! And you look so pretty! Glad you had a nice time.


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