Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who's the child?

Some days, I feel as though I have four children already, not including the little prince who is growing inside of me.

Some days, I find myself shaking my head at the things my husband does - sometimes stooping as low as our youngest. 

For example...there were two pairs of kids scissors on the counter that Lilah received for Christmas. Kevin walks over to Mairead while she and Lilah were eating breakfast, and starts to pretend to cut Mairead's hair. I looked at him and said "Really?" he looked at me with a funny look, thought about what he was doing and walked away. 

Lilah says "Daddy! We do not cut hair. We cut on paper!" 

Phew! I Thought... at least someone has been listening! Last thing I need is daddy teaching the girls to cut each others hair! Actually, I'm surprised that has not happened yet...but I am sure, someday, it will. 

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  1. Hahahahaha totally sounds like something I have to say to Pete on a regular basis...hey--let's not teach the kids to ____! Think boys, think!


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