Sunday, March 6, 2011

31 week bumpity bump - have you seen my mind?

Sometimes, being pregnant is almost like losing your mind and the more kids you have, the more mind loss there is - at least that is how it has felt lately!

It's hard to believe I will be 31 weeks tomorrow. Seriously? How did that happen? This feels like the first baby that I am not prepared for and how it might be better for him to just stay in for......well, a long time. In about five weeks, I will be getting my cervical cerclage removed (maybe I should keep it in?), and for Clara, it only took her two days for her to show her pretty little face. So, in essence, this little prince could be here in as little as 5 weeks.....5 weeks! That's like ONE month. That is NOT a lot of time people.

Last Thursday, I had an OB appointment with the doc who delivered Clara. She rocks! She is so laid back and nice - and unfortunately, she doesn't do deliveries anymore. What a bummer! She rechecked my cervix and thankfully I am still the same (1cm/50%) and other than that, everything was fine. A typically boring OB appointment - I guess boring is good!

As I become more and more pregnant, while chasing around three crazy kids, I find myself doing crazy things. For, we had a big dinner at my parents house to celebrate my dads birthday. For dinner, we let the kids choose, Mairead chose PB&Fluff and the other two had chicken nuggets with mac/cheese.

Well, here's Mairead, fooling around, getting out of her seat. I tell her to get back in her seat. Eat your dinner. Then, she's screwing off again! So, I raise my voice, and say SIT DOWN! And EAT YOUR DINNER!

Then, I look down on the counter, and there sits her dinner. I forgot to give her the plate. Yeah. She had every reason to be fooling around!

I had the intention of writing some other "losing your mind" stories, but.........I forgot. HA!

Oh, and here I am today at just about 31 weeks pregnant....I guess it's about time I post a baby bump shot!

I'll have to post a comparison of all four pregnancies at this stage to see if there are any differences. I feel as though I am carrying the same as with the others.

PS - I just spoke with my husband and he said he read this blog post, and said I typed we had dinner at my parents.......No. We didn't. We had lunch. :) See...I'm definitely not all there!


  1. Love your belly and I SOOOOO get the mind loss thing! I feel like a complete idiot sometimes....most of the time. At least David gets a kick out of it!


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