Friday, March 18, 2011

Ahhhhh.....A taste of spring!

Clara eating dirty snow...and standing in 2'' of water.
Ahhhhhhh.......The feeling of warm sunshine, the sounds of happy girls and three tired girls upstairs resting/napping are just a few things that make me excited for more days like these to come. 

It is a warm, 70 degrees here on this March day in Maine. It's a bit windy, but because our backyard is surrounded by trees, it's like being protected from the cool winds off the ocean, so our backyard was almost felt amazing. After lunch, the girls threw on their mud boots and went to town. They splashed. They laughed. They got down and dirty. And this mamma had a great time just watching them play. 

Clara splashed around. Sat in mud/water puddles. And the girls just ran around until their little bottoms were cold! It's so great to know the snow is melting and the girls will have more and more days to play outside! Do you remember the BIG mountain Kevin made in the dead of winter? Well, it's still there, and I think it will be there for a long while spring may be here soon, the girls will be able to sled for a while - maybe in their bathing suits! :)

It was so bright, Mairead had to wear sunglasses! 
Little Lilah splashing around
Three happy, happy girls...
...and a dirty, mud-faced Clara! 

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