Sunday, April 18, 2010

Clara's Baptism

Today, we baptised Clara at our local Church. I have to admit, we felt a little awkward today. You ask "Why"? Well, Kevin and I haven't been the best at introducing our children into God or the Church - I mean, I hate to admit it, but we hadn't even stepped foot in that Church since we baptised Lilah (though not the last time we've been to Church). It's probably one of our parenting flaws. I guess you could say the two of us have a little bit of a difficult time with the Catholic Church - not Christianity so much. The topic of Church comes to discussion every now and then, but we always leave the conversation saying that we don't have to go to Church to believe in God or to have Faith. I said before....we Baptised Clara today. :)She looked beautiful. Well, she always is beautiful, but today is special. The dress all three girls wore for their Baptism used to be my wedding gown. When Mairead was born, I wanted something special, and I thought about having my wedding gown made into a Baptismal gown. I mean, the chances of any of my kids wearing that dress for their wedding was slim. I didn't want it to stay in a box forever. I wanted it to be a special part of our family. I found this woman, Laura @ Davina Dawn Sewing and she was willing to do this for us. It is so special.

My brother, Joe and his wife, Carley are the God parents for all three of our girls. We are thankful to have them. I had them dress Clara in her dress right before we headed to the Church to meet everyone. The girls did amazing during Mass - actually all 9 children did amazing! I was so proud of all of them. They were all so well behaved, even the Priest mentioned it at the end. Clara was the only baby being baptised, so it was special. The Priest took Clara after he baptised her around the Church to welcome her. It was really nice. Clara did really well considering she was exhausted! After her big debut, she passed out in my arms for the remainder of Mass.

After Mass, we all headed back to our house for lunch. It was nice to see everyone and spend time with friends & family. It was a fairly last minute decision to Baptise Clara (we thought it would be better to get it done before summer), so we were lucky to have everyone be able to attend! Once everyone left, Clara woke up from her nap, and I redressed her in the gown so I could take some photos of her.

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