Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fun on a Saturday night!

Tomorrow, we will be Baptising our little Clara. Since we live a little far from some of our family, they decided to come up the night before and spend the night in Portland! The girls were psyched! My cousin, Sean, has three kids very close in age to our girls. The two oldest along with Mairead & Lilah are quite the bunch! They have so much fun together. I really wish we lived a bit closer because I'd love to get the kiddos together much more often.

Once Sean and fam arrived to Portland, we met them at their hotel. We let all the kiddos (6 kids, 4 and under) swim for a while! They had a blast. We finished our swim session up in the hot tub, which was a huge hit! We headed back to their hotel room and we spent time with them and my aunt & uncle. The kids played.....and played.....laughed and laughed some more. To be young again...My brother, Joe, his wife, Carley and their little boy, Landon met us at the hotel later on, too!

We had 5:30pm reservations at Flatbread Pizza, so we called for a van from the hotel since it was raining. The girls thought they were so cool getting to ride in a van without carseats. They buckled themselves up in adult seatbelts and we headed a 1/2 mile up the road. We had an awesome dinner, and all the kids did amazing! You would think with 7 kids, 4 and under, it would be a little crazy, but in actuality, it wasn't! The kids just had fun with each other, and the adults had fun, too. Clara & Sean (the two babies, who are 6 weeks apart) chomped on food while little Landon slept in Carley's arms. We love happy babes!

Once dinner was finished, we headed back to the hotel. We called for the van again, but it was going to be a while. Mairead was so upset! She was really excited about going on the "school bus" again. We walked back to the hotel and hung out at the bar for a while. Mairead, Molly & Tess all sat at the bar. Of course, they thought they were so cool. They were all having so much fun together!

Here are a few photos I took with my phone last night! Are they cute, or what!?! 

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