Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sleepover at Nana's!

When we moved from Virginia, we were glad to finally be close to family. It was tough living far away from both sets. I guess Virginia was probably the easiest place to live as we were halfway between both families! Now that we are in Maine, we live exactly 60 miles from my parents. I wish we were a tad closer, but I will take 60 miles over 500! One of the perks of having my parents close by is having them to take the girls for a night here and there. For the last two years, Mairead has been the one to have sleep overs at Nana & Papa's house, Lilah has been too little, until now! Since the last time Mairead spent the night, Lilah has been talking incessantly about sleeping over Nana's house! Well, the girls finally got their chance to have their first "duo sleepover" at my parents house. Lilah was psyched! She was carrying around her backpack all morning long asking when we'd be going to Nana's house! I wasn't at all worried at how Lilah would do without mommy & daddy with her - Lilah is much, much different than Mairead was at this age. She's definitely a good time Charlie and can forgo mommy & daddy at bedtime for a fun night without us! Here are the girls all ready to head to Nana & Papa's house for the night!

Once Kevin came home from dropping off the girls, it was just the three of us! Wow! Does it feel different just having one infant! It is amazingly quiet. I was excited to have some time with Kevin and Clara! We started off our Saturday with deciding we would start tearing apart our downstairs bathroom! Yeah, we don't have enough to do, so why not start renovating again???? We came home, and Clara took a nice nap. Once she woke up, we went out and about again, ending up at a local brewery. Clara was loving all the attention from both of us at once. She sat in the high chair for the first time, and ate lots of french onion soup from mommy!

Bedtime went amazingly fast, too! With just one bath and one child to put to bed, it was easy! Kevin and I watched a movie together without interruptions, and headed to bed! We got a great night sleep from Clara, and woke up feeling refreshed!

The girls of course were having lots of fun with Nana & Papa, and didn't skip a beat! Who can beat parks, ice cream and non-stop attention?!?!

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