Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Need a laugh? Read on...

Today, Lilah has had some runny poops, and after lunch before nap, Lilah was going poops. It didn't sound normal. It didn't smell normal. Lilah is pretty sensitive to eating a lot of fruits, so this isn't unusual for her. When I wiped her bum, it was more of a diarrhea consistency.....nice topic, huh?

Well, I put her down for a nap, and came back to get Mairead. In the meantime, Mairead was standing over the toilet just staring down......and she says in a sarcastic voice "Whaaat's thaaaaat?" I looked down, and I had forgotten to flush.

I say "Poop"

Mairead: "What kind of poop???"

Me: "Diarrhea"

Mairead: "Diarrrrrrhea poooop? Well, it loooks GROSS!" 

Me: Yeah, it doesn't look good.

Mairead: "Why did Lilah have diarrhea poop?" 

 Ahhhhhhhh! The joys of small children learning about all the fun things in life! At least a lot of the questions put a big ole smile on my face!

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