Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dog food?

Our girls have always been amazing eaters. They'll eat pretty much anything, and it's great!

Well, Lilah has always had a taste food. Yes. Dog food. When she first started crawling around 8-9 months, she always made her way over to the dog bowls as they were eating. She'd try to shove dog food into her mouth before I could take it away from her. It became so frequent, I started feeding the dogs during the girls breakfast.

Here we are at almost 2.5 years old, and she is still interested in dog food. She isn't as obsessed over it as she once was, but if you let her help you feed the dogs, she may try to sneak a piece!

Today, the girls were sitting at the kitchen table with their lunch in front of them. Mairead was eating a PB & Fluff with strawberries and Lilah was eating chicken, cheese and strawberries. All of a sudden, I hear...

Mairead: "Mom. Lilah is eating something.....crunchy!" 
Me: "HUH?"
Mairead: "She has something crunchy in her mouth, what is it?"
Me: "Yeah! What is it" - Nothing on her plate was crunchy.

I walked over to Lilah and there she was with a mouth full of food in her mouth - yeah, you know where this is going. I say:

"Lilah what are you eating?"

She tries to respond, but her mouth is FULL of food. 

"Lilah, what are you eating?" 

With her mouth full of food, she replies:

"Dog Food." 

Yuck! She was eating it as if she was really enjoying it. Nasty.

Thankfully we feed our dogs human grade food from Flint River - so no worries on having anything yuck in there!

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