Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who says you have to go slow?

If you have read my blog on babies & solid foods you will have an idea of how we have introduced solid foods to our girls. Clara is no exception.

When we arrived back from Florida in mid-March, we decided to start Clara on a little bit of solid foods. By starting, I mean, a taste here and there. Well, once we started, Clara fell in love! It didn't take long for her to catch on to what we were really doing at the dinner table! If I was eating yogurt in the morning, she'd scream at me until I gave her some. If she was in reach of food, she'd grab it, and I mean a vicious grab!

Over the last week, she wants to eat everything. She doesn't want baby food. She wants real food. She loves YoBaby yogurt, and I mean LOVES it. She sticks her tongue way out! It is so cute! None of our girls have ever really been interested in mush, they have always wanted food that tastes good and who can blame them???

The other night, we ordered pizza. She was a bit fussy, so I was holding her. I was holding her and trying to eat pizza. HA! What was I thinking??? She was screaming at me for some. Pizza??? Kid, you're not even 7 months old yet! She wouldn't stop. This kid is relentless I tell you at everything, food is no exception. So, I start breaking up some bread in tiny, tiny pieces. She couldn't get enough! She was chewing - well as much of a chew as she can do at 7 months with no teeth! She absolutely loved it! She hadn't had anything that textured and real yet, and she did great. The following day, I reheated some pizza for lunch. She caught wind of what I was doing, and started to scream. I gave her a big chunk of crust to drool on. There was no drooling! Only shoving it into her mouth. She was making me nervous, so I took it away once. MEAN MOMMY! This kid screamed......and screamed until I gave it back. I went to grab my phone so I could video it. When I took it away the second time, she freaked. It was like I hurt the kid. I gave it back, and she continued to scream, and scream some more. She shoved the thing back into her mouth, cried some more, and then settled down. It scares me this kid has a temper like this already!

I guess this method is called "child led" for a reason! Last night, she had some mashed potatoes and a bite or two of haddock, which she loved. Today, she had some pieces of cheese, and she absolutely loved it! I am all about introducing foods with good flavor at an early age. Why eat mush? :)

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  1. Too cute Steph ;) That's the way to do it. Have you ever tried that Flavorless and slimy, discusting baby food. I could gag just thinking about it.
    I was raised the same way by my mother, and now that I'm a mommy my girls are being raised likewise. Mine were eating chili and indian food by 4 months ;)


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