Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Bunny!

 Easter was a lot of fun this year! It just keeps getting better and better! On Saturday, we decorated Easter eggs. The girls had a lot of fun doing it, and since it was so nice outside, we were able to be outside for most of it. Mairead was really into it this year! Lilah didn't know what quite to do, but she had fun trying. Once the girls went to bed, the Easter bunny came to deliver the baskets and hide the eggs.

On Easter morning, the girls dashed downstairs. They saw their baskets on the kitchen table, and wanted to climb right up to inspect what was in their baskets. They were so excited to see Disney princess dolls, sunglasses and some candy in there. Once they finished inspecting, they went off to find their hidden eggs. Mairead was so good! Last year she didn't really know what to do, but this year, she caught right on. Lilah even figured it out, too bad Mairead was so fast finding them. Poor Lilah!

As soon as they had breakfast, they were dying to dig into their basket. We let them each have their small Lindt Chocolate bunny. They thought it was so cool to have chocolate so early in the day! Lucky girls! Once the excitement diminished, we all got ready to head to my  parents house. The girls got dressed in their pretty dresses. Mairead & Lilah got new dresses from Baby Gap, and Clara wore the dress Mairead wore the day she came home from the hospital and for her 1st birthday, Lilah wore for her first Easter, and now Clara is wearing it. They all looked so pretty.

Once we got to my parents house. They tore apart their baskets and played around. We then went outside for a little egg hunt in their backyard. Mairead was so into it! Lilah was running around, too. The girls had a blast playing with their new things, blowing bubbles and enjoying the day outside with everyone. It was such a gorgeous day! We all had a blast together.

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