Friday, April 23, 2010

Cookie making with mama!

Last night while I was putting Mairead to bed, she asked what we were doing tomorrow. I told her she didn't have school because it was 'school vacation' and then told her Cameron, our babysitter would be coming over. She then asked me if she could have some "mommy time"...I melted! Every Friday she is in school now, and Lilah & Clara have "mommy time", how could I say no? I told her I'd see how the morning went knowing I needed to do some closet organization in the girls rooms.

When Cameron arrived that morning, I went back and forth with what I was going to do. Chores or Mairead time....I really needed to get the girls clothes organized, but I really wanted that time with Mairead. So, I thought the next best thing was to do both! I used my time with the babysitter by getting my "chores" completed, and then once she left, I put the girls down, but surprised Mairead with some "mommy time" while the little ones were sleeping! She was so excited! I told her we were going to make cookies together, and her response was "just you and me? No Lilah?" She was ecstatic and I was so glad I was able to put a great, big smile on her face with something as simple as making cookies together.

We made snickerdoodle cookies with this recipe  from bakerella. We always make chocolate chip cookies, so I thought it would be fun to do something else! The cookies turned out okay, they didn't lie down as flat as usual - not sure what happened there, but they still tasted good! We had dinner plans with friends that night, so Mairead was excited to show off her cookies to her friends!

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