Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three dogs..................................

No. We aren't getting another dog. Actually, we will never have three dogs...

During one of our weekend trips to Sunday River, Kevin's co-worker was  gracious enough to take Emmie, our almost 2 year old lab. Well, when he asked Kevin to take their 4 year old black lab, Kevin accepted. Of course, they needed help mid-week while Kevin was working. Sure, Steph can take the dog, she doesn't have anything else to do, right??? WRONG! Really, I didn't mind taking the dog, it was the least we could do to help, but......I just don't have time to be running after dogs all day!

This morning, the dog was much calmer than she was last night. This morning after we got back from the park, I let the three dogs outside with us while we played in the yard. The black lab kept running off into the woods, but would eventually come back. Our dogs usually just hang out with us in the yard, and I barely have to watch them. Obviously, this dog wanted to explore, but I didn't have the time to keep a constant eye on her. All of a sudden, I see the dog waaaaaaaaay out in the woods. I call her. I call her again.....and again. She just looks at me like "yeah. right!" Finally, I get her to come, and that's when I realize.....her collar is GONE. Her electronic collar was no longer around her neck. Seriously???? Come on! Thankfully, Kevin came home to help look for it. Yes, we spent hours and hours searching for a needle in a haystack. No collar. I even prayed to St. Anthony. Nothing. I feel horrible. These collars are not cheap. The crazy thing is, I KNOW IT IS OUT THERE. I get obsessed about stuff like this, and have a hard time letting go and letting things happen. But! It's out there. IT's there somewhere.

I had been having such an awesome day at the park with the girls. It was Earth day today, and we were enjoying the day with mother nature. When we came home, we were having fun together, and I was planning an outside picnic with the girls, but instead, I was trampling through the muddy woods looking for a collar. Ugh. I will never have three dogs.

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