Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little swimmers!! not spermies :) ha ha ha

Mairead & Lilah!

The girls have been doing so fabulous with swimming I can't even begin to tell you! I am so proud of them! Mairead did her swim class last night without her belt, and swam across the pool without help! My little girl is swimming!!! Ever since Lilah started the big girl class with Mairead, she has improved by leaps and bounds! The instructor has been very impressed with Lilah, I mean, she's just two, and she is in a 4/5 year old swim class. She can actually be a better listener than her sister. It is quite humorous to watch the class because there are these big kids......and Lilah. Lilah also graduated to the "big girl" belt last night. She is reaching/pulling and kicking almost across the entire pool by herself as well. Soon, she'll catch up to her big sister and be swimming without her belt, too!

Can you tell I am one proud mamma of my little girls!?!

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