Friday, April 9, 2010

Life never gets boring!

Life with three, small girls never gets boring! Most often, life around here is hectic, but absolutely wonderful. I ask myself almost daily "would you change this?" and my answer "absolutely not" - even though each day isn't apples and spice, it is still awesome. My girls and my family are healthy and happy. I can't expect each day to be perfect. It's the days I do, that I get let down. These are the hardest days.

After Wednesdays fantabulous day at the beach, Thursday was a bit of a let down. While my great friend, Rebecca came over with her almost two year old daughter, it was still depressing. If you read my previous blog post, I wrote about how a perfect day like Wednesday can make it difficult to get through other, not-so-perfect days. You long for those warm days where everyone is happy and having fun. Yesterday was cold. Damp. Windy. Not quite Wednesday. The girls had fun playing together, but when Abby left, the girls were not themselves. They were wound up tight. Then nap time came. Clara passed out. Mairead went into her room without issues. Then there was Lilah, who was obviously tired. She refused to nap. Yelling and being wild in her room. I started to get frustrated. I needed some "me" time. I wanted to clean up. I wanted to exercise. Instead, I found myself fighting with my 2 year old to take a nap that she (and I) so desperately needed. Finally, after an hour wasted, she passed out. Ah, peace. Of course, by the time she fell asleep, it was almost time for Mairead to come out of her room, and then Clara woke up. Not quite the afternoon I had planned, but I am okay with that. Everyday can't be like yesterday!

When Kevin arrived home, I was more than ready to run. My body didn't quite feel like running, but I knew I would feel better afterwards. I needed some time for me. If you have been reading my Melting the Muffin Top blog, you'll know that yesterdays run was just what I needed! I completed my first 5K ever in my life. It felt good. It invigorated me. When I came home, Kevin and I did the shred together alongside the girls! Mairead loves it! and I love when she does it with me. I feel like I am teaching my example! A healthy lifestyle is a very, very important part of our life.

After our workout, I made my very much deserved vodka & grapefruit juice. Oh, did it taste good! A perfect ending to a not-so-perfect day. Kevin grilled some rib eye steaks, and we all had a great dinner together. Once dinner was finished, it was close to 7pm. We let the girls play a bit before bed. I was working on a fall 2009 photo book while the girls played.

Then, I hear...."Lilah, I am going to break your arm!"

I'm thinking....What!?! Just as I was about to tell Mairead we don't say things like that, Lilah was screaming. UH OH. At first, I thought Mairead just upset Lilah. Mairead isn't a physical child. She never has been. I ran over to Lilah to comfort her. She was upset saying "my arm". I thought back to last year in Mexico when I accidentally pulled her arm out of the socket. There was something wrong with Lilah's arm, she wasn't just being dramatic. She was hurting. Kevin and I were so upset with Mairead, and probably disciplined her a little too strongly, but it had to be done. By that point, I was close to 100% sure Lilah's arm was out of socket. I called the pedi and she said the urgent care clinic was closed, and we'd have to go to the ER. Great. Sounds like a whole load of fun at 8pm on a Thursday night. So, off we went. Our neighbors were gracious enough to sit with Mairead & Clara while Kevin and I were at the hospital.

Let me tell you. The ER at night is never fun. Ewwwwwww. I felt so dirty. People were hacking, snotting, puking and just looking rough. I did not want to be there. Thankfully we were taking in fairly quickly, and received great care. The doc was fantastic as well as the nurse. We did XRays just to be sure because Lilah was still acting like she was in a lot of pain after the doc tried to put her arm back in. We wanted to make sure there wasn't a fracture, especially since the doctor didn't hear/feel any pop. Thankfully, everything was negative. By the time we got back from radiology, Lilah was feeling much better and using her arm normally. So, off we went. Home sweet home.

I was so glad to climb into bed hoping tomorrow would be a much better day! Yep. Not everyday can be perfect, and you just do the best you can. I am thankful everyone is healthy, and a trip to the ER for an "arm out of the socket" is nothing in comparison to what it could have been. 

Life here is never boring, and that's okay... I still wouldn't change it, for even a second.

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