Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.

Each year, I become more and more into Earth Day. I guess as I become older, the more I want to become involved in protecting our earth. There is a lot more I want to do, but for now, I do my best.

I think in the last year, cloth diapers have been the biggest jump in protecting our earth, and I have to admit, there hasn't been one day that I wished I never started. It's been a great learning experience, and the biggest thing I love is that it teaches our girls a great lesson about "keeping mother nature healthy".

Other things we do is try to use mostly all natural cleaning products, recycle as much as possible, I breastfeed our children and we heat our home in the winter months with a pellet stove.There is just so much more we can do!

Today, was a beautiful day outside, the perfect day to enjoy mother nature. We spent some time at the park, and came home to enjoy our beautiful back yard. We played on the swing set, and then we were all quiet. I asked the girls "what do you hear?" and Mairead says "I hear birds, mamma!" and I said "Yes, that's right! Birds. Isn't nature awesome?" and Mairead of course agreed. I told her how important it is that we keep "mother nature healthy". I then asked her what else we do to help keep mother nature healthy, and she says "use cloth dipes" - I really hope the girls learn sooner than we did about keeping the Earth healthy!

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