Monday, April 19, 2010

Mystery ride........

Kevin's office has season tickets to the Portland Sea Dogs. Every month, you can put your name in to "win" the tickets for a game so this month, Kevin put in for a bunch of games. He "won" tickets for tonight's game. We didn't tell the girls because we thought it would be a fun surprise.

Last year, we brought the girls and they had an absolute blast! Mairead would yell "Goooooooo Red Sox! Sea Dogs!" - she didn't have a clue really, but she surely had fun. Lilah was too little to really know what was going on. All Lilah cared about was the endless supply of yummy baseball food. To this day, Mairead still talked about the game - she is surely a Red Sox fan! :)

This morning when we were in the shower, I said: "Girls! Mommy & Daddy have a surprise for you tonight!" Of course, Mairead got all nosey asking all sorts of questions about where we were going. I think she's still trying to grasp the idea of what a surprise really is! After I mentioned it, Mairead asked over and over again where we were going. She had all sorts of ideas.....the park...out for donuts....cook cook (out to dinner).....smiling hill (a local farm) and she even mentioned the Sea Dogs! haha...

When Kevin got home, we got all ready to go. The girls were super excited to learn where we would be taking them. We told them we were taking them on a mystery ride to a special place! When we took the exit, they still weren't quite sure, but as soon as we turned right onto the street, Mairead saw the stadium and immediately said "We're going to the Sea Dogs!"

We found our seats, which are great! We ate junk food and we all loved it...though mommy & daddy are paying for it! Hamburgers.....steak & cheese.....lemonade......popcorn chicken......and the best of all......fried dough! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Even little Clara ate a little bit.

Unfortunately, it was chilly....55 degrees and very windy, which made it feel a lot colder. Little Clara wasn't diggin' the cold weather, and was pretty fussy around 7pm. It obviously was not going to get any warmer, so we packed up and went home. We sat through a few innings, ate some junk food and watched the girls have fun! The season is just beginning, so hoping for lots more Sea Dogs games with the girls this summer.

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