Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What?! Beach Day!'s April!

When you live in New England, there is no such thing as normal weather. If it were to snow on April 7th, it wouldn't be a'd say "it's New England! What do you expect?"......Well, the same thing would hold true for the complete opposite. Today was in the 80s, in Maine, and we went to the beach! It was awesome. It was cruel in a weird sort of way. You know the weather isn't going to last, in fact, it will be in the 50s tomorrow, but now, we all will crave this summer-like weather.

This morning, I told the girls we'd be going to the beach. The look of excitement on their faces was priceless. They immediately put their sunsuits on, shoes and ran to the door. At 9:00. They were rip-roaring-ready-to-go at 9am. I hated to give them the bad news that we wouldn't be going for a while! Lilah kept saying "I ready for beach momma! I ready for beach!" So Cute!

Once we got to the beach, we met our friends there. The four of them didn't skip a beat! They were so excited! They played and played and played. Lilah and her friend, Jackie, had a blast together. The girls were throwing sand, and boy did they think they were hilarious! Mairead was antsy to go in the water. It was 40 degrees. She went in anyways. She claims it wasn't cold! Ha! Sure. Mairead even made "sand angels" - guess, we're not quite out of the snow frame of mind! Clara did great, too. She hung out with me, sat in her bumbo, played with toys, and watched the kiddos play. We all sat down together and ate PB&J sandwiches. It really felt like summer!

Today was a look into our summer to come. It is going to be awesome! Each year is more and more fun! I love it. Today was the best day! When we got home, the girls had a snack, and then.........Lilah crashed.......Clara crashed.....and I think Mairead may have, too......but she wouldn't admit it :)

I can't wait for the real summer to come, but in the meantime, we will continue to enjoy all of the beautiful days that are given to us this spring!

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  1. What an awesome day Steph! Our weather here in New York has been just a beautiful and weird ;) But,Oh how I miss the New England and the Ocean.


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