Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 Papas, 1 Mimi & 1 Nana all in ONE room...

...make for three very spoiled little girls!

Today, we all drove down to Exeter to visit my parents for the afternoon. Since my parents and Kevin's parents live so far away, it's always nice to get everyone together for a day! The girls love having their 2 papas, Mimi and Nana all together, and let me tell you, they definitely were NOT lacking in attention! A lot of kids may have all their grandparents in one area of the country where it is easier to get together on a semi-regular basis, but since our parents are on different ends of the country, it makes it a bit difficult for us!

My dad (Papa Steve) had been working on a little sledding (luge) hill for the girls. We packed all of the girls snow crap and snow tube so they could have fun! Mairead was a bit reserved as usual...she doesn't like the cold! She's just like her mamma! Lilah, of course, had a blast! She was ending up in the trees, with the brush in her face, and she didn't care at all! After the girls were done outside, we came in for some hot chocolate. The girls played with Nana's dress up jewelry upstairs, and Clara just enjoyed being in the arms of whomever! We ordered pizza, the guys watched the Patriots get torn apart, and everyone was happy!   Even the dogs had fun! Phoebe ended up having a sleepover with Bella, so we came home with only one dog. Emmie thought she was getting the raw end of the deal until we pulled up to the "Meat House" and the guy gave her a HUGE, and I mean HUGE marrow bone! She didn't miss Phoebe after that.

The girls had a blast with everyone. It sometimes makes me wish that all of our family lived close(r) together...even a few hours apart would make a big difference. It was so nice having all four grandparents together in one room; it doesn't happen nearly enough. When we lived in Virginia, it was so tough being away from both sets. We always felt like we were trying to make our visits even, or we were leaving someone out. It is definitely much easier living near one family, than living near none.

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