Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who needs a doll....

When you have a little sister???

Lilah in the doll's "pack n' play" playing house with Mairead.


  1. Haha Awesome! I love the new header by the way. I need to update mine. Such a pain. I hate computer stuff. But I love blogging. What program did you use?

  2. Isn't her blog awesome??!!! I love it! I keep stealing her ideas! LOL!
    Love this post...I know it well. I love when the girls pretend to baby cry...awful sound! HA!

  3. Thanks, ladies! It's my new obsession! I'm trying to have fun with it :)

    I used photoshop elements for the header, it was easy! If you want to make one, I can either help you, or make one for you.

    I love watching the girls "play house" together. Of course, Mairead is the mom :)

  4. I am super jealous, Oh how I want photoshop. It's so expensive, like crazy expensive. I would definitely love for you to make me a header when you get a chance. I'll have to send you some photos.
    Thanks ;)


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