Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pottery Barn Kids

I am a BIG fan...I mean, who isn't? I look at the Pottery Barn catalogs and drool all over myself. If I had endless money, I think I would buy almost everything in the store, especially for my kids! The bedrooms are to die for.

Our toyroom in our house is a mess. There isn't a specific spot for everything, and it bothers me. I want everything to have it's place, especially all the little pieces. I'm tired of throwing everything into 2-3 bins, and calling it quits. Kevin agreed. We found an awesome unit in PB kids that would suit us perfectly. The Cameron Media System was on sale back in early December. We called to order it, but the lady wouldn't honor the price in the catalog and used the excuse the Espresso was backordered, but was told we could order this other one for $300 more. Yeah, right. Last week, we picked up the newest catalog for PB Kids at the mall, and the media system was on sale again. We called right when we got home, spoke with a lady who said the catalog shouldn't have been given to us, and wouldn't honor the sale price. Kevin was pissed. He wrote a letter to customer service. I called the next day to see if we would be told something else. We were. The price was miraculously in the system, but the lady couldn't honor the "no surcharge", and we'd have to call back the next day to have that money refunded to us. Fine. We did ordered it. We kept calling, and it wasn't in their system. Finally, we were told that the price would be this, and everything was taken care of. Great, we were psyched.

Today, the UPS man shows up with our furniture! YEAH! I was psyched. Looked at the invoice, and we were charged 190.00 more than we should have been. WTF! I called PB Kids, and spoke to a super nice lady named Donna. She read through all of the notes in our file and couldn't believe the shit we had been shoveled. She fixed the price, and honored the quoted price, which was $200 less than what we should have been charged. The original lady didn't charge us tax, and gave us free shipping when she shouldn't have. The nice lady fixed everything, honored the price (only had to charge us the tax), and gave us an additional $100 in merchandise credit!

So, I had been pissed at PB Kids for their crappy customer service with incorrect pricing, etc, but after today, I am feeling positive about PB Kids, and hope our negative experiences were just a fluke.

Now, Kevin and I can get the toy room organized!

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