Sunday, January 3, 2010

To Blog...or Not to Blog...

I have been toying with the idea of starting a new blog for the past several months, but I had mixed feelings about doing so. It's been a snowy mess the last few days here in Maine, and I figured I might as well start a blog, it's a good excuse not to do laundry or clean my house. Doing this would be a fun way to keep track of the trials and tribulations of raising three small girls, who are all close in age. It's a household full of what I like to call "controlled chaos". I love it, and would not have it any other way.

Mairead, who is now 3.5 (born on 5.10.06) is my precocious, independent eldest daughter. She is the leader of the pack, or what I like to call the other mamma in the house. She loves to tend to her babies - nurse and cloth diaper (yes, I've taken a liking to cloth diapering) them and boss around her sister, Lilah. She loves to talk, and is as girly girl as they get. She definitely makes me and Kevin (my husband) laugh on a daily basis. Mairead was what we call our little honeymoon token. Yep, she was conceived sometime during our honeymoon. We're guessing sometime during our stay in Barcelona, Spain. She surely put me and Kevin's newlywed status into high gear! Nothing like getting a positive pregnancy test just days after a honeymoon. Phew!

Lilah, who is just 2 (born on 12.19.07) is what we call our "sweet little Lilah". Mairead and Lilah are 19 months apart. Lilah is as sweet as they come...usually. She loves to snuggle up, kiss and hug, but the one thing about Lilah is that she can be nasty! She may be the first to give you a hug or a kiss, but can also be the first to slap you across the face. Lilah's personality definitely snuck in on us. As an infant, she was our quiet one, slept all the time, and was just as laid back as they came. Much, MUCH different than Mairead. Once she started walking at 10 months, she was off and running, and so was her personality! I should have known after about 15 weeks of bedrest with her, that she could be full of trouble! Her personality is awesome. She loves to try and make people laugh, and if you don't laugh, she has no trouble laughing at herself.

Last, but certainly not least, is our little Clara "belle" or Kevin sometimes calls her "Clara bear". She and Lilah are 21 months apart and was born on 9.20.09. So yes, at the moment, we have three girls all under the age of 4. It's too early to talk about Clara's personality, I'm afraid to say! We were so wrong (but happily surprised) with Lilah, who knows what Clara will bring to our crazy crew. At the the moment, she seems like she has a pretty easygoing, but sometimes high maintenance personality. She has many characteristics of both Mairead and Lilah, and I think she brings the three girls together. If anything, she's been a great baby so far, and hasn't scared me away from the thought of bringing just one more to our clan - right, Kev? :)

If that's not enough for you, we have two yellow labs, and yes, you guessed it, they are both girls. Phoebe who is 6.5 and Emmie who is 18 months. It definitely brings some extra chaos to our family, but I wouldn't change it. The girls love the dogs, and the dogs love them.

Some days I feel bad for Kevin being surrounded by 6 (lovely) females in the house, but I think he handles it pretty damn well. The girls (including myself) love him to pieces, even the dogs, and while I think the constant attention drives him crazy on occasion, I also like to think he wouldn't have it any other way. You can't have too much love, right?

I'm not sure what I'll do with this blog, but I hope I can have a little bit of fun with it. Stay tuned for more...

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