Monday, January 18, 2010

The newest SCREAMER in the house!

Boy! I think we are in trouble! Clara has officially found her voice, and not just the cute little baby babble, but the high-pitched screams! It is so funny to hear her get so excited over her voice. I am thinking she is learning that if she wants to be heard over her two sisters, she has gotta be able to be just as loud if not louder than they are! Not only does she use her new found screams to show her excitement, she also has started using them to start letting us know she is getting upset....bored....or lacking attention! UH OH! Watch out for our little Clara belle, I am thinking she is really coming into herself! Here is a video of her this morning playing under her play mat, which is her absolute favorite thing to do, especially in the morning after she wakes up.

UH OH - gotta run. She's awake.....for the 3rd time from her morning nap. She is currently on a nap strike, and I am hoping it ends really soon. She needs to sleep or else she is NOT happy. This is a subject for another day. Until then...Enjoy the video.

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