Thursday, January 21, 2010

Never a dull moment!

Yesterday afternoon, I let Phoebe and Emmie outside for some playtime, like I usually do. Well, I had been wrestling with Clara trying to get her to have a good nap, then my mom called, and I spoke with her for a while. After getting off the phone with her, I started to clean up a bit, then the phone rang again. It was a name I didn't recognize, but I answered anyways...

"Hi, this is so-and-so from Animal Control, I have your two dogs"

ME: (confused, and then it hit me) Oh, Shit, I thought. "Hi, ummm, really? where?"

AC: "Yeah, two yellows. One big, and one small. They're here off of gravel road and black point. I have them both with me. If I can get them both into my truck, I'll drop them off for you, if I can't, you'll have to come get them"

They always romp around in the woods behind our house, especially in the winter. This is when they chase animals, or eat deer poop. They must have been chasing something to get out as far as they did.

The guy was super nice. I was praying he was able to get them into his truck. I had two sleeping babes! The dogs love the car, so I didn't think he'd have a problem, and he didn't.

When he arrived to our house, the dogs jumped out of the truck cheerfully with leashes strapped to them. The scene out of "Annie" with Sandy and Annie trying to escape Animal Control came into my mind! I started laughing inside. I thanked the guy for bringing my dogs home safely, and asked what the dogs were doing.

"Oh, they were in someones garage rumaging through their trash."

Geez, it's not like we don't feed them! Never a dull moment here in the Ferrie household. If it isn't the kids, it's the dogs! Of course, I had to post on facebook that "two of my girls were brought home my animal control" - I never specified WHICH two girls! Everyone thought it was Mairead & Lilah :)

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