Thursday, January 14, 2010

THE Lid.

I'm sure you're wondering why I am posting a photo of a lid. This lid goes to one of the girls baby doll cups. Nothing special, right? WRONG!

This morning we came downstairs, and the girls started playing, each with their own toy. Everyone was happy...for a minute. Mairead was playing with her doctor kit, and Lilah came into the kitchen where she saw this LID on the floor. She immediately picked it up. Mairead caught wind that Lilah had something of interest to her. Mairead immediately started screaming and crying at Lilah because she wanted that toy, and Lilah needed to give it to her immediately! If you didn't know what happened, you would have thought something HORRIFIC happened to Mairead in the way she was acting over this lid!

This is one of those situations where you look at your kids like they're crazy! I mean, they're fighting over a a doll's cup!?! Really? Mairead was acting as if the world was ending because Lilah didn't want to give the LID up. Of course, Lilah had no use for the lid, and was only holding it because she knew Mairead wanted it SO badly. You gotta love sibling rivalry.

I posted this "topic" on facebook, and got lots of responses from other mammas. I know for sure I am not the only one who deals with this type of sibling behavior, and since the girls are close in age, they want to play with the SAME toys. I find it funny that most kids go through the same type of behavior, as much as you want to think it isn't normal, it is - unfortunately.

My girlfriends posted about her girls fight over the TOILET! I chuckled, because my girls do the same. Lilah has been potty trained since about 20 months, so if she yells "peeee peeeeeee" while running to the bathroom, and Mairead catches on, Mairead books it to beat her to the toilet and says "I have to go..."

I guess you have to laugh at scenarios such as these. They're kids, and I guess they have to learn what exactly they can get away with, especially with each other. Today has been one of those days where if one girl has a toy, the other wants THAT toy. Lots of toy time outs today...but that's okay. Tomorrow is another day. I just look at my girls and think how simple life is for them...a LID was something to cry about.

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