Sunday, January 24, 2010


I hate vomit. Everything about it. I hate to vomit. I hate the smell of vomit. I hate watching someone vomit. I hate hearing someone vomit. Like I said, everything. I can handle a lot of nasty things, even poop doesn't bother me like vomit does.

When I was working as a labor & delivery nurse and my patients would start to vomit, I would jump back. I always felt guilty, but I couldn't take the chance of getting vomit on my clothes! Thankfully, that didn't happen much :)

So last night, while we were spending the night at my parents, Lilah was coughing, but we put her to bed as usual, she was acting fine. Of course, she was making a game out of going to bed, so Kevin shut the door. She eventually fell asleep, and all was good. When I went upstairs to kiss her goodnight, I walked into the bedroom, and what did I smell? Vomit. I said "Kevin, I smell vomit." "No, really?" he said. I turned the lights on, and sure enough, Lilah had vomited all over herself. Not sure if she did it in her sleep or what, but she did it. IT. WAS. EVERYWHERE. All over her hair, her PJs, the bed, her Loo (lovey), everything. We stared at her for a minute sleeping, a moment of mommy and daddy guilt lay over us. We felt horrible.

She was sound asleep. How? The smell was horrid! I could barely touch her without wanting to vomit myself. My mom and Kevin undressed her, and I brought her into the bathroom. I had to dunk her head under the sink. There was NO way I could possibly put her back to bed without cleaning her hair. She cried, and cried. Half asleep and not knowing what I was doing to her. I washed her face, and put a new shirt on her.

I held her tightly, told her I was sorry and if that ever happened again, she needs to cry or tell mommy or daddy. It was sad, but she crawled right back into bed, and went right to sleep. Thankfully that was the only drama for the rest of the night.


  1. Poor Little Pumpkin. That's aweful. I am glad it didn't continue into the next day. I hope it's not that 24 hr bug that's going around, and it doesn't sweep through the house. We've been bracing ourselves. It seems like everyone we know has gotten it. We'll be praying you all stay healthy.

  2. I know, we felt so bad! Thankfully it isn't a stomach bug...she threw up because she was coughing, and ultimately gagged herself which made her vomit. Both Mairead & Lilah have a horribly sensitive gag reflex.....thankfully all is well.


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