Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When the man is SICK...

...there isn't anything like it! We've all been dealing with MINOR colds for the last month. Thankfully, nothing serious, but you know, even the sniffles can bring on misery in a male. Yesterday morning, we were awoken at 4am to Mairead having a coughing fit. Kevin got up with her, and brought her into our room. We all crawled back into bed, but Kevin kept hacking and clearing his throat, which is equivalent to a lion roaring at that hour! By that point in the night, Clara was snuggled up in the crook of my arm nursing, and every time Kevin cleared his throat "ROAR!", Clara's eyes popped open wide as can be, and she has wide eyes! and drifted back to sleep. I think it took awhile to finally ignore it, and fall asleep. That morning, he gave me the "bad news" -- "I think I'm getting sick!" - Nooooo I thought! Sometimes it's worse having a sick husband than having sick kids! Thankfully there hasn't been much complaining from the only male in the house! I tell Kevin, if the kids aren't fussy with the cold, then Kevin can't be either :)

This topic always reminds me of the time Kevin and I were on our honeymoon. We were in Santorini, Greece. Kevin had a cold. Bad News. We were in one of the most beautiful places ever, and Kevin was sick. It was horrible for the both of us. Kevin just wanted to go back to the boat and take a nap, and I wanted to go and explore! The next day, we were in Athens, Greece. We were exploring the ruins, and then went to The Placa (Greek Market), and Kevin stopped and said "If I were home, I wouldn't go to work today, and I'd be sleeping all day." I looked at him and laughed! We were in the middle of the mediterranean, and he wanted to sleep..."We're on our honeymoon! Let's go have fun!"

The funniest times was when we were living in Virginia. He had a pretty nasty cold, but it was just a cold. Kevin had to get up super early for work, and hopped in the shower...a hot shower. After his LONG, HOT shower, he felt HOT, so he took his temperature, and what do you know, he said he had a "fever" - so off to work he went. Went to sick call, and they gave him antibiotics...gotta love over prescribing antibiotics. He told me what he did, and I said "you took your temp AFTER you had a HOT shower?" and he responded "yes"....and I laughed. Of course his body temp would be higher after a long, hot shower!"

Overall, we have all been really lucky! It's fun to rag on the only man in the house! Everyone knows men can't handle being sick like women can, that's why we are the ones birthing these babies!

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  1. Hahaha You aren't kidding Steph! So funny. And a bit rediculous how Men act when they are sick. My mom and I laugh about it. They act like they are in absolute misery and are going to die.


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