Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The girls have a new cousin!

This morning I was up at 7:30am, and for those of you who know me well, that's EARLY! I'm also sure if I told you I was out of the house with my three little ladies at 915am, you wouldn't believe me either or you may ask what motivated me to do such a thing?!?

Well, if you didn't read below, you wouldn't know that my brother and his wife, Carley, had their first baby boy on Saturday! Since they live about 1hr45 minutes away from us here in Maine, I had to get up early to make a day out of it. Mairead and I were up at 7:30, and I let Lilah sleep until 8am, when I had to wake her. We got dressed, had breakfast, and ran out the door, all by 9:15! I had to pick my mom up in Exeter so she could come with me. Clara absolutely hates the car, so it was great to have a little extra help with her - thanks, Mom!

We spent the afternoon with Carley and new baby Landon. He is so cute, and so tiny! It completely blows my mind away that Clara was exactly his size just 3.5 months ago. They grow SO fast, seriously! Where does time go? It was great to hold a newborn again, thankfully, Clara is still little enough to want to be cuddled and held like a newborn. Mairead and Lilah had a great time playing with their newest cousin, and doing some arts & crafts. While the girls played, I snapped some photos of Landon. Isn't he beautiful???

The girls had a blast! Mairead is so incredibly amazing with little babies. She is a natural. I loved watching her hold and talk to her new cousin. It's so special! Lilah loved giving little Landon kisses, too. They are both so sweet!

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