Saturday, January 9, 2010

Visitors & I'm an auntie!

Since my last post, things have quieted down a bit! Kevin's parents flew in late Thursday afternoon for a long weekend visit. We've been hanging out with them, and watching the girls enjoy all the attention they could ever ask for. Mairead and Lilah have been in heaven playing with Mimi and Papa. It's been a nice break for mamma and daddy, but it's also been nice spending time with them, too. They were here last back in October when Clara was just three months old. She is a completely different baby from when they held her last.

Yesterday we just hung out here. We woke up and Emmie was limping pretty badly. We were worried, and we didn't know how she did it. I think I kicked her off our bed at some point in the early morning, and she probably tweaked her shoulder. She was miserable, so miserable we took her to the vet. They thought she just had a soft tissue injury, so we gave her some meds, and brought her home. Since she was hurting, we just ordered Thai food and had some fun moments outside with the girls.

Today, we headed off to the mall and also got word my brother's wife, Carley, was in labor! Poor girl was 3 days over due, and finally was in labor! Those little boys love their mama! I was so psyched for them. I gave Carley a few pointers, but after she saw me deliver Clara (naturally), that was the only IMPORTANT pointer I could give her - one she'd never forget! She delivered her baby boy (nameless at the moment) at 5:41pm.......and oh yeah! I guessed the date and missed the time only be 19 minutes! Not too shabby! :) Congrats, guys! I'm so psyched for you. Other than that, we made a yummy haddock dinner, and called it a night.

Kevin's parents leave on Monday, and we'll be back to a more normal routine. Too bad it's been super cold, and not too snowy! This whole baby business almost makes me want another....almost! I'll save that topic for another blog day...

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