Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When did she get so big?

Last night, I walked upstairs to go to bed. Mairead and Lilah were fast asleep in their rooms. When I walked into Mairead's room to kiss her goodnight, she was uncovered, with her legs spread out wide. She looked so big laying there; I almost didn't recognize my little girl...When did my little girl get so big? When did she leave the toddler stage, and enter the next? It all happens so fast. She has grown so much since we moved here to Maine just about 20 months ago. Mairead had just turned two, Lilah's age, when we moved. Now look at her! She is independent in so many things, and such a big helper to her mommy.

It truly amazes me how fast these little princesses grow up. It seems it was just yesterday she was an infant, even a toddler. I surely try not to wish my days away, I love when they are little like my girls are. Sure, it can be tough some days, but overall, it is the best, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Do you ever feel like you walk into a room, see your child(ren), and are amazed at how big they are? How much they've changed since a certain event? It almost seems like they can change overnight...


  1. This gets my heart....I know exactly what you mean. My Chiara is turning 5 in March and Mayah just had a growth spurt so that all her pants are too short. Oh yeah, and Miss Leah is walking all over the place now! Time is passing by me.....just too fast some days.

  2. Seriously! I wish I could slow down time just a bit...well, maybe make it summer, and then slow down time :)

    Clara is 4 months old today, I can't believe in the same amount of time she'll probably be crawling and getting into everyones junk! It's NUTS!

  3. Tell me about it! I just cried the first time I tried to fit Nina back in my lap to comfort her after having Benton, she was huge! It didn't help matters that I couldn't let her crawl into my lap for almost 2 months and she had hit a growth spurt but really, where did my little girl go?

  4. Its so funny you post that, because I was just noticing that its always when the kids are sleeping that I notice just how big they are! Every night before I go to bed I go look at the kids one last time and lately I sit there and stare at them wondering when it happened!


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